Harry Hoabeb thanking the team for their commitment to safety.

Harry Hoabeb thanking the team for their commitment to safety.

Six years without an LTI for Arandis Services

Taken from e-Rössing Bulletin, 28 October 2011.

Arandis Services recently celebrated six years without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) or Medical Treatment Case (MTC), with the last LTI recorded in June 2005.

At an awards function recently, Arandis Services gave gift packages to employees, as a token of their appreciation of the team's unwavering Brandise to safety. Addressing the gathered employees, Manager, Harry Hoabeb noted that it was only through perseverance and commitment that the Arandis Services team had managed to maintain the high standard of safety set by the company.

Safety Representative, Rudolf Isaak, says that safety is taken seriously by both the company and its employees. Rudolf explains that since the last incident, management has introduced procedures and put new reporting lines in place to help alleviate safety concerns. “Probably the biggest contributing factor to our great safety record is the introduction of the buddy-buddy system, where team members look out for one another's safety, as well as their own. ”

Arandis Services has been contracted to Rössing since 1990, providing civils, steel, grit blasting, painting, rubber lining and sand hauling services to the mine.

Although the company recorded a MTC recently, the record still stands and the company can celebrate their achievement earned by working together. We congratulate and applaud every member of the Arandis Services team for their commitment and outstanding achievement.